1. The MCAT is making me cry and I haven’t even started studying for it yet…

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  3. Stream of Consciousness by a College Night Owl

    I’m halfway through college and it’s dawned on me that if I had to do it all over again, I would have been an anthropology or sociology major..or maybe history. Something dealing with language and culture and understanding people and our complexities- something that makes you connect with people. Something that makes you human. Instead, I’ve chosen microbiology..although I like it, I’m realizing that microbiology is not where my heart lies. Bacteria are interesting and weird, which makes them cool, but I would love learning about people, our emotions, our stories. It’s the stories that interest me. I feel like it should be requirement of sorts for every person to document their lives and write a form of an autobiography. How amazing would that be? I would love to just go to local nursing homes and be a scribe- type up bits and pieces of stories from people’s lives. Come to learn how crazy it is to think that we all have such different childhoods, but many common similarities at the same time. I would be so content with traveling the world, going to remote communities and gathering people’s stories. Maybe narrative medicine is along those lines? I just feel like every story should be told, and everyone’s life has value. And by telling stories about ourselves, we come to learn about ourselves. We start to connect with each other and become vulnerable. Vulnerability is beautiful. Trust is beautiful. Opening up to someone who understands you is one of the greatest feelings. Don’t we all just need someone to listen?~

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Shea Christine


    Shea Christine

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Sunset Kralendijk by Andy Troy
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    If you notice that you are feeling bad, do this: Feel perfectly okay about feeling bad. Think, It’s okay with me if I feel bad. I feel fine about that. It’s just something else to feel. Give it no importance whatsoever. Don’t even care that you feel bad. See your bad feeling as having no meaning or significance in any way. If you can do this, you will be feeling good before you know it. You will even see the humor in your own bad feelings. When you see the humor in your own negative feelings, when you see the absurdity of your contracted state, and when you can lightly make fun of yourself and your habitual woeful feelings, suddenly you will be rejuvenated and filled with lighthearted energy. It is one of the most enjoyable freedoms to experience—the freedom from your own fears and aversions, the freedom from your irrational reasons for feeling bad. When you enjoy this particular freedom, it is a great initiation. You will spontaneously light up from within. In this state, every word and action radiates light into the world, radiates healing, rejuvenating energies to all those around you, without you even thinking about it. As long as we are willing to allow a negative emotion take over our attention, then we will be constantly pulled back into unpleasant, contracted states. Negativity is contracting. Light, love, and bliss are expanding. Go towards the Light.
    — D.R. Butler (via socialworkeroneday)

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